Antiques in Central Victoria


Vintage Antique pocket watch. Vintage grunge still life.

Central Victoria is a treasure trove of Australian antiques. Perhaps because of it’s rich heritage or perhaps because of the fantastic community that love to keep history alive. At the end of the day, Central Vic is a great place for antiquing treasure hunters, and here’s why.

There’s a huge range of awesome antique shops. Buyers will delight in exploring the diverse and eclectic range of stores. Make sure you check out Antiques Plus which features a huge range of rambling antique collections. You’ll find things ranging from trinkets to more serious treasures of days gone by

Find fantastic vintage clothing, industrial goodies, rustic furniture, second hand books, music memorabilia, vinyls, 70’s clothing, second hand dealer buyers and more at Maldon in Castlemaine.

Also in Castlemaine, you might stumble across the XXXX Antique Complex, a fantastic museum dedicated to preserving the history of the region and the brands that defined the times. You’ll uncover huge displays and things like old school Enamel Signs, Cast Iron and Marble Gardenalia, Fine China and Porcelain, fine glass and crystal, a range of ancient clocks and barometers and of course Art Deco and Automobilia.

In the Goldfields make sure you check out View Street Bazaar in Bendigo, the place to shop for retro lovers who love a foible find. Ballarat has a Little Vintage Shop on the main road which can’t be passed up.

In the High Country you’ll find Chiltique on Conness between Beechworth and Rutherglen. It’s a historical mining town and it’s a definite hidden gem for antique hunting. You might find rare English, Chinese and Australian poetry as well as classic furniture.

Other than that, keep an eye out for the local weekend markets, you never know what will turn up in someone’s stall, all it’s waiting for is a keen eye.

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