Bendigo Joss House Temple


Bendigo’s Joss House Temple is a fantastic attraction in Bendigo.

Ever since gold was first discovered in in 1851 through to the present day, the Chinese community has been an integral and proud part of the history of Bendigo.

Discover more about Chinese beliefs and the story of those who came to Bendigo in search of gold. Leaving everything behind to come to a foreign land on the promise of striking rich.

The main temple of the Joss House is dedicated to Guan-Di, the god of war and prosperity. To the Chinese, he was a wise judge, guide and protector and provider of wealth and prosperity – you can see how these attributes would have been sought after for those travelling to this strange new land.

Constructed from locally handmade bricks and painted a brilliant shade of red, which symbolises happiness, strength and vitality – the Bendigo Joss House is a significant part of Bendigo’s cultural history.

Catch a talking tram to visit the Joss House – it’s located at the Northern tram terminus of the Vintage Talking Tour – it’s a great add on if you’re visiting Bendigo and taking the fantastic Vintage Talking Tram Tour.

Main Image: By Peterdownunder – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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