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When visiting Bendigo one of the best things to do is an immersive and amazing Town Hall tour.

The golden past is incredible, once, Bendigo was the richest city in the world. That’s evident in the 22 carat gold leaf plaster. Opulence to rival any European palace.

Constructed during the height of the gold rush. The civic fathers of Bendigo simply decided that their primary municipal building was not up to scratch, and commissioned a redevelopment which would truly reflect the exuberance and splendour of Bendigo’s golden age.

The building stands as a masterpiece which commands the site it lies on. Created by architect W.C Vahland, the designer of many of Bendigo’s buildings.

Bendigo. The William Vahland designed Town Hall. Vahland's classical style Town Hall replaced an earlier 1858 building. This building with clock tower was erected in 1885.

On the tour, your guide will take you on a journey throughout the building, regaling the stories behind the adorned palace-like architecture, providing even a chance to explore the current city council chambers. This wouldn’t’ be complete without spending a moment at the Mayor’s table.

Restored in 2003, the building retains its commanding presence in the heart of Bendigo – truly a jewel in the crown.

Tours operate regularly on Wednesdays at 2pm and Sundays at 11am. Bookings are essential, and can be made through the Bendigo Visitor Centre or through the website below.

Image: Uploaded to Flickr by denisbin – Licensed under CC-BY-ND-2.0

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