Central Deborah Gold Mine Adventures


The Central Deborah Gold Mines near Bendigo are a fantastic attraction. See what life was like in the pioneering days and discover the rich history of Bendigo and the Gold Rush.

Descend into the 500m deep mine with a geologist and discover a whole world of history and science. Don your hard hats and lights before you’re taken down the shaft to inspect the operations. See the drilling demonstration in action and learn all about how the miners worked and lived and how this operation shaped the region as it is today.

There are five tours on weekdays and six on weekends, tours run for around 75 minutes.

That’s not all though, if you’re adventurous and don’t mind being underground, there’s the 2.5 hour underground adventure and if you’re not so comfortable going underground, there’s a cheaper self-guided surface tour of the mines.

Prices range from 15 dollars for the surface tour to 85 dollars per adult for the underground adventure. Children are half price and there are family deals to take advantage of too.

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