Outdoors at Trentham Falls


Explore the Wombat Forest and discover fantastic waterfalls on a bushwalk through the scenic Ballarat wilderness.

Trentham Falls, Victoria’s highest single drop waterfall (42 metres tall!) is located in the Wombat State Forest, roughly 70 kilometres northeast of ballarat.

The falls are estimated to have been formed over 5 million years ago when molten lava cooled rapidly along the old Coliban River valley.

Visitors can access the falls by car and just a short 70-metre walk to the great viewing platforms and picnic tables. This means it’s very accessible for families and the disabled, too.

During a summer visit you can expect a spectacular show as water cascades down the clifftop to crash among the rocks below. The vegetation around the falls are some of hte best remnants of original vegetation with stands of magnificent manna gum, stringybark and narrow-leaved peppermint.

The location is serene for an adventure with the family or off on one of the fantastic bush walks. The Trentham area has numerous walking and riding trails throughout the Wombat State Forest and the nearby Lerdederg forest. Take the Domino Trail which starts and ends at the Trentham Railway station and leads through the Wombat Forest.

Other nearby attractions include Hepburn SPrings, Daylesford and even Sovereign Hill in Ballarat, you could combine a trip to Trentham Falls with a day trip around the other fantastic attractions of the region.

To get there, take Falls Road (the continuation of High Street) from the town centre past the football ground and Golf Club. Turn right at the T-intersection at the Daylesford road, and then left at the sign some 100 metres up the road.

Trentham Falls, Trentham, Victoria Australia” by user Rexness, uploaded to flickr.com. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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